Komodo Collective Base Unit Guide

Komodo Collective base unit

Quick start guide for the Komodo Collective range of controls for Helicopters

What’s included:

In the box you will receive a Komodo Collective base unit, a 2m USB lead and x4 stick on feet.  Simply stick the feet onto the base unit in the 4 corners to help protect the surface that the unit is mounted on. 

Attaching the grips:

To connect a Komodo Collective shaft to the base unit, carefully locate the alignment notch on the Collective with the corresponding part on the base unit. When these are lined up push the Collective into place and tightly screw the connectors together. Ensure there is no play in the connection. To remove simply unscrew and carefully pull the Collective shaft out.

Switching between grips:

When you have connected the shaft, plug the USB lead into the base unit first and then plug the other end into the computer. The Komodo Collective will then install itself. When switching Collective grips you will need to unplug the USB lead, change the grip and then plug the USB lead back in. If you do not do this the computer will not recognise the change in grip and some of the buttons may not work.


The control limits will be set prior to shipping, but you will have to calibrate them in your game or helicopter simulator as with any other joystick. You will also have to assign the axis to the correct control in the software.  The controls are correct in that as you increase the collective pitch the values will also increase. However certain flight simulator software will invert this axis, other games may well do the same.  To correct this just tick the ‘Invert Axis’ or ‘Reverse Axis’ box and the control will work in the correct manner. Follow the instructions in the game or sim to calibrate the other axes and buttons as normal.