EC135/145 & H135

EC135/145 & H135

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Currently the most advanced control within the Komodo range, this collective features independent dual throttle controls.  Each throttle has its own manual override guard and manual mechanical engine shot off button.  The manual override guard has a locking "pop-out" pin to prevent inadvertently closing the emergency override.  The grips have different patterns and therefore feel different so they can be identified without having to look down at them.

The head of the collective features 2 x 4 way HAT switches for operating the landing lights, an engine trim toggle, a further toggle switch (mission specific) and 2 x push buttons, 1 for "go around" and 1 for the wipers.  There are also 2 x guarded emergency push buttons which are mission specific.  Lastly the collective has a topping out switch in order to change engine limits within a single engine emergency.

Cyclic Features:

Dual throttle control
Manual throttle control 
2 x Push buttons
2 x Push buttons with Flip guards

2 x 4 way HAT switch

1 x 8 way HAT switch

1 x topping out switch

Multi-Grip Shaft
***Komodo Collective Base sold separately***

System Requirements

Warranty Information
12-month hardware warranty
Technical Specifications
Connection type: USB
USB Protocol: USB 2.0
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