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A collective taken from one of the most iconic aircraft in the world, the Bell 206 Jet Ranger.  Used by the A-Team themselves, the Bell 206 has been in service since the mid 60's in various models and configurations.  This collective includes a three-way switch for landing lights, momentary governor toggle switch and starter button.  The mechanical idle release operates as in the real aircraft to prevent the engine being shut off inadvertently.

This grip connects to the lower connector on the Komodo Collective Base Unit as it is located at the base of the seat in the real aircraft.

Collective Features:
1x Governor Toggle
1x Landing Light Toggle
1x Starter Button
Rotating Throttle Grip with working mechanical Idle Release button.
Authentic cork grip
Multi Grip Shaft

***Komodo Collective Base Unit sold separately***

System Requirements

Warranty Information
12-month hardware warranty

Technical Specifications
Connection type: USB
USB Protocol: USB 2.0
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