Komodo Collective Base Unit

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One of the main benefits of the Komodo range of products is the ability to interchange Cyclic's and Collectives with a single base unit.  The base unit houses the electronics for the controls and feature an extremely durable base made from water jet cut aluminium for clean and precise edges.  The Komodo Collective base features dual connectors for different mounting positions of collectives.  The friction adjuster allows the collective to move freely with varying levels of resistance or be locked into a specific position.  Movement is controlled with mini hydraulic dampers for an extra smooth and realistic feel.

This base unit is completely hand made and has been constantly modified and upgraded over 10 years.

Base Unit Features:

12bit Resolution
Hydraulic Damping
USB 2.0 Plug & Play

System Requirements

Warranty Information
12-month hardware warranty

Technical Information
Connection type: USB
USB Protocol: USB 2.0
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